Window Cleaning


Improve your view from the inside as if you are looking through “HD” Windows on a beautiful day! (HD = Hi-Definition)

Window washing and cleaning is a Big Deal! 

Your Windows need and should be cleaned every 8 – 12 months in the South East Region of the United States.
The peak cleaning times are after pollen Spring through mid-Summer and Fall before the freeze
(January & February) Any time is good if you are listing your home to sell or have an occasion that
requires a cleaner house.

Having the windows in your home cleaned serves a dual purpose. Purpose 1 cleanliness and 2 inspections and upkeep. Clean brightens things up and inspection while cleaning locates areas that may be vulnerable to weather or moisture for our home owners awareness.
We have discovered that Windex is not the ideal window cleaning solution.
It tends to haze over the glass within a short period especially when used with paper towels.

We will wash your windows as the priority to make sure that they are cleaned sufficiently before professional squeegee craftsmanship goes to work. All perimeter areas are then dried with professional drying towels that do not smudge or cloud.
We also wash or wipe casings, sills and screens for pollen build up or mold spores.
We can knock down spider and webs or kill them. We can even use Green products by request.

As a Bonus! We will clean any interior glass such as mirrors, transoms or french doors at no additional cost with full-service purchase. Skylights may be extra depending on the number or the size of the job. Garage windows can be added in or left out upon request. Just in case there is ever an error we will correct it no questions asked at NO cost to you!

We are a full-service company, and our mission of service is to clean whatever we clean for you at the highest level possible!

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