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Dust Removal Service

What Do We Best

Dust Removal Services including all room surfaces & window treatments as well as furniture, fans, and high and low areas for starters.

Our guarantee is that we will get your house cleaner than you have been able to by getting to the hard to reach areas. We will extract dust from your house which will prevent it being re-circulated.

The systems and techniques that we use help filter the dust particulate to the size of .2 Microns, better than HEPA filtration, before teaching you how your home may then filter itself better in the future.

All of our dust collection will be placed into clear plastic bags for you to see before discarding - you will be amazed!

The final result is that your home indoor environment has been improved because of the removal of these small particles and contaminants. This particular collection cannot harm you or your family anymore.

Dust Removal Definition - The manual extraction of accumulated dust particulates from nearly every surface in a what is typically a day’s time. If a home’s dust is removed sufficiently and properly, its rooms and the environment is made safer and helps improve the quality of the air your breathe.

Allergens, dander, and dust mites can trigger subtle symptoms that gradually can become chronic, which then can lead to big health problems. This is what we endeavor to prevent in every home that we service. 

The side benefit is that we will get your house cleaner than it has ever been – guaranteed! We will reach the areas that neither you nor your house cleaners have been able to reach. We will solve your most difficult and unexpected dust problems effectively and efficiently to save you time and money. This process also removes odors and protects your home’s furnishing from unsightly house dust as well as the wear and tear that dust accumulations can cause on fabrics and other surfaces.

The dust that we collect will not be brought back into the home once collected, but will be placed into clear sealed plastic bags.

The final result is that your home’s environment has been improved and you will experience the extraordinary feeling that a truly clean house should offer. 

Dust Removal Service - Repeat Customers

Since house dust and indoor allergies continue to be a major health problem for many families, we would like to remind you to keep house dust and pet dander out of your home. We know that the work that we invested previously in removing years of old dust particles from your home made a difference.

We helped catch up on some overdue cleaning while getting rid of that dust. We are still here and we are committed to preventing our customers’ homes from accumulating house dust again and we will assure that your home is always safe for raising your family and to live in.

Please reconnect with us and continue to use our Dust Removal Services as often as needed, so that the service provided will keep your home and family safe from dust mites, house dust, pet dander and allergens inside your home. This service was designed with the clean house and health conscious family in mind. (Since 1996)

Due to the detail and comprehensive nature of this service here are our recommendations:

- 3 Services per year for the active family with children and pets.

- 2 services per year for the 2 adult family with no pets.

- 1 service per year for the less lived in home.


A 2500 sq ft home could cost upwards to $1950 a year in bi weekly maid service and cleaning. For that price, the home does not get nearly as clean as it should for the frequency. But our Dust Removal service will actually get your home clean at a fraction of the cost and with fewer cleaning intervals. Your whole house will be detail cleaned while making it safe from the unseen allergenic dust triggers and alarms.

We are glad to answer any questions you might have and will schedule your service and provide free estimates upon request.

Our contact info: AC Harris Total Home Care Services 919 687-7772

Dust Free and Allergy Safe!


"We are a full service company and our mission of service is to clean whatever we clean for you at the highest level possible!"

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